Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth Team Up Again In Men In Black Trailer

First, they were Thor and Valkyrie, now Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are saving the universe... in suits.

The stars of Thor: Ragnarok are teaming up once again to protect mankind, but instead of fighting Norse gods and Thanos, Thompson and Hemsworth are taking up the mantle of the Men in Black.

The re-launch of the franchise that originally starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones sees Thompson and Hemsworth paired up and facing a deadly global threat when a mole is discovered in the MIB organisation.

The film also stars Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani and Rebecca Ferguson and in the first official trailer already promises a ton of thrills, spills and Tessa Thompson holding big guns.

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Oh yeah, did we mention literally everyone is in love with Tessa Thompson? Truly she is able to do the impossible -- make people not focus on the established beauty of Chris Hemsworth.

Many people drew comparisons to Ragnarok, between the pair's reunion, Thompson's penchant for big guns and Hemsworth picking up a familiar weapon.

Though his tiny hammer doesn't seem to work out as well as it usually does when he's in his God of Thunder getup.

The trailer also features an iconic throwback to Fergie's 2006 BANGER "London Bridge" which divided a lot of fans, but mostly everyone was just ready to re-live the golden age of music.

Check out the full trailer above.

Men in Black opens in scheduled to open in cinemas June 13, 2019.