What You Might Have Missed In 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse'

A loving ode to everything Spider-Man, we take a look at some of the secrets hidden in 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'.

Some folks on the web (heh) are calling it the best superhero movie of the year, and honestly, we're close to agreeing.

Sure, there have been some major superhero flicks from Marvel and DC recently, but there's something unexpectedly brilliant about the animated feature that is winning hearts -- and cash!

The film follows Miles Morales as he attempts to adjust to his new life after he's bitten by a radioactive spider. But he's not the only one. After a particle accelerator malfunctions, a handful of Spider-folk from alternate universes begin popping up in Miles' world.

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The movie is a loving tribute to all things Spidey, and in it contains a few Easter Eggs. We collected some of our favourites.

That being said, there are some light spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Into the Spider-Verse (which you absolutely should).

Comic Code Authority

Before the movie even kicks off, a seal for the "Comic Code Authority" is shown. The little logo is a cheeky reference to the very real CCA which -- founded in 1954 -- was a way for comic publishers to self-regulate content without having to get the government involved. It created a bunch of standards and regulations ("No comic shall use the words 'horror' or 'terror' in its title" or ") which limited what creators could publish in their books. One person, who loved to push the limits of the CCA? Stan Lee.

Blasts From The Past

The movie makes a reoccurring joke of Spidey's origin story, something we've seen time and time (and time and time and time) again. The first Peter Parker we meet in the film seems to be based quite heavily on another Peter we've already met: Toby Maguire. Despite being voiced by Chris Pine, the film shows Peter's experiences kissing MJ upsidedown, stopping a train and -- yep -- a cringe-worthy dance number, all pulled from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. Weirdly there weren't many references to the less loved Andrew Garfield movies...

Which Universe Is This Anyway?

A lot of Into the Spider-Verse focuses on the multiverse, and the various other versions of Earth that exist. What they don't explicitly point out is that the Earth Miles is from isn't actually ours. You can tell with little details like Miles' dad's uniform reading PDNY instead of NYPD.

Times Square

There are a ton of brief visits to Times Square as more Spider-folk shoot into Miles' New York. When they do, there are brief shots of billboards and ads for a whole range of things including alternate versions of movies and products. Seth Rogen is apparently starring in a Netflix show called Hold Your Horses, and Shaun of the Dead is instead From Dusk 'Till Shaun. According to Rodney Rothman, the film's co-writer and co-director, they reached out to a bunch of people to find out what alternate versions of themselves would make.

There's also a quick nod to The Mary Janes when we briefly visit the Times Square in Spider-Gwen's universe, which is the band she's in along with Mary Jane Watson.

It's all about who you know

Another cheeky shoutout appears when characters check their phones. In Miles' contacts, there are flashes of B. Bendis and Sara Pichelli -- the duo who are responsible for creating the character of Miles Morales back in 2011.

Community Minded

Speaking of Bendis, he's mentioned in the past that he created the character of Miles with Donald Glover in mind. There were even fan campaigns to get Glover cast as Spidey in the past. During Into the Spider-Verse, a scene from Community where Glover is wearing Spidey PJs can be seen playing on a TV in the background.

Suits for days

When the Spider-gang head into Peter Parker's secret base they get a little look at his many various suits. There are also a few familiar looking outfits including his MK I and MK II suits, the Secret War suit, the Iron Spider armour (which you might recognise from Infinity War) and the Advanced Suit which was seen in the recent PS4 game.

And all that merch

The lair also features a ton of other nods to past Spidey-merch like his buggy, which is parked on a floating platform. In the comics, Spider-Man actually had the Spider-Mobile after he was contacted by an advertising firm. Also, there's a whole arc where Mysterio makes Spidey FIGHT the car??

Image: Marvel Comics.
Down to the last minute

It wouldn't be a Marvel movie without a bit of a post-credit surprise, and Into the Spider-Verse has a few! During the credits, you can hear one of the tracks from Spidey's Christmas album. Not only that, but the final end credit sequence also features the vocal talents of Oscar Isacc as Miguel O'Hara aka Spider-Man 2099. He ends up dropping into the iconic and meme-worthy 1967 cartoon for a very cool nod to both the past and the future of Spidey.

Image: ABC.

There are so many more nods, tributes and Easter eggs hidden throughout Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse but as we've also already mentioned, it's also just a really great film!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is in cinemas now.