Benedict Cumberbatch Plays ‘Vote Leave’ Mastermind In New Brexit Film

Yes, mastermind might be a bit of a strong word when you consider the catastrophic fallout from the 2016 vote.

But the new HBO film Brexit: The Uncivil War tells the unbelievable true story of how the 'Vote Leave' campaign managed to secure enough votes for Britain to leave the EU.

"Everyone knows who won," Cumberbatch says, staring directly into the camera in the new trailer. "But not everyone knows why."

The Sherlock star plays Dominic Cummings, the balding political strategist responsible for the infamous Brexit buses that travelled around Britain advertising the false claim that a 'Leave' vote would mean the National Health Service would receive an extra £350 million a week.

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“This is an insurgence against the establishment,” Cumberbatch says in the first peek of Brexit. “We will build something that will re-stack the odds in our favour.”

Former London mayor Boris Johnson also makes an appearance as a character in the new film -- and is easily spotted in the trailer thanks to his mop of straw-blonde hair.

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Cumberbatch was recently interviewed by Cummings' actual wife -- Mary Wakefield -- and said he was drawn into the script that "read like a thriller" despite him knowing the outcome of Brexit.

"I’m being sucked into it -- these characters, their intelligence, the wit of it, the emotional power of the drama," Cumberbatch told Wakefield for The Spectator.  "I realised this is what drama can do at its best," he added.

Brexit: An Uncivil War will air on January 19 in the US and UK -- an Australian release has not yet been announced.

Main Image: HBO