Whoopi Goldberg Will Not Be Getting Back In The Habit For 'Sister Act 3'

Disney has confirmed that 'Sister Act 3' is going ahead -- but Whoopi Goldberg won't be reprising her role as Sister Mary Clarence.

It's been 25 years since we last caught up with the all-singing, all-dancing troupe of San-Franciscan nuns -- but you might be a little disappointed if you were expecting Goldberg to lead the boisterous Catholic choir once again.

The Sister Act 3 project has been greenlit for Disney's new streaming service -- Disney + -- but the reboot is apparently going to include a fresh new cast.

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“It is our understanding that this is not a continuation and Whoopi is not involved,” a rep for Goldberg told EW.

There's no word yet who Disney will cast to sing a rousing version of "Salve Maria" or lead a truly angelic cover of "I Will Follow Him" but some fans are hoping Tiffany Haddish will pop on some rosary beads for the role.

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Goldberg hinted earlier this year that the Sister Act franchise would be heading in a new direction in an interview with Good Morning Britain.

“We’ve been all over Disney begging and they’ve decided that they’re going to go in a different direction with Sister Act. So it won’t be Sister Act 3, it’ll be a brand-new rendition of Sister Act,” Goldberg explained.

“And I guess I’ll walk through a scene and that’s how they’ll say I was part of it.”

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