Jennifer Garner Goes Back To Her 'Alias' Roots In 'Peppermint'

Jennifer Garner sat down to chat to The Project's Maude Garrett about her new role as a mum out for revenge.

Pepperminsees Garner playing young mother Riley North, who awakens from a coma and discovers her entire family has been murdered. She then morphs from suburban mum into vigilante killer in a quest for justice and ~revenge~.

If the plot sounds vaguely familiar, then you won't be surprised to learn that Peppermint has been directed by the same guy that brought us Taken -- Pierre Morel.

Except this time, we're finally seeing a woman busting down doors and telling bad guys that she will "find them and kill them" in menacing phone calls.

"That’s what so exciting about the role," Garner told Garrett. "You can easily see this as Liam Neeson, you can see it as a Matt Damon, Jason Bourne kind of thing; [or] John Wick.

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"But to have it be a woman who is in this position...because to me, an action movie makes sense if the drama is so extreme that you have no choice but to start fighting," Garner explained.

"To see them use motherhood as a way to push this character to the breaking point is really compelling," she added.

Garner says that Peppermint might remind fans of one of her first major roles in the early 2000s, Alias. 

"This is how I started out -- in people’s minds -- this is what people remember," she said of her role as double-agent Sydney Bristow.

"But at the same time it’s been so long and I’ve kind of been a mum-next-door type person that it’s interesting to see if people are going to be willing and ready to see me go back and combine the two, in a way," she said.

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And in case you were wondering if Garner did her own stunts, rest assured she could probably morph into a vigilante mum herself if s**t went down.

Garner -- who has three kids with former partner Ben Affleck -- said she asked one of her daughters if she could come along to her karate class.

"And she said, ‘Oh, that’d be fun,'" Garner told The Project. "And I got in there and she was like, ‘Mum, you’re kind of intense.”

"And I realised, 'Okay I need to sit back down and be a mum',” she laughed.

Peppermint hits Australian cinemas on December 13.

Main Image: Getty Images.