Natalie Portman Nails Sia Track In 'Vox Lux' Trailer

Natalie Portman would definitely beat us all at karaoke, her new film trailer shows.

If you've ever thought it was a good idea to pick "Chandelier" and then quickly realised that you've made a huge mistake and someone takes the mic off you -- then you'll appreciate the talented vocal stylings of Ms Natalie Portman.

Portman plays pop star Celeste in Vox Lux -- a singer who shoots to fame after performing at a memorial following a national tragedy. It sounds super dark, tbh.

But the soundtrack has been penned by Sia so -- if you're so inclined -- you can ignore the grim parts of the screenplay and focus in on those super catchy bops she's so good at writing.

In the trailer, Portman sings a tune called "Wrapped Up" which was co-written by Sia and her longtime collaborator, Greg Kurstin.

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The film also stars Jude Law, who plays her manager,  and Stacey Martin as her songwriting sister, Eleanor. And interestingly, Willem Dafoe plays the part of the narrator in this so-called "power-pop epic".

And if you had any doubt that Natalie Portman's not really singing in the film and you're suspicious it's just Sia hiding behind a curtain the whole time, then let us provide you with Natalie's gorgeous singing resume.

Behold, 15-year-old Portman singing "Don't Tell Mama" from Cabaret over 20 years ago -- proving she's a real triple threat *and* effectively using a chair as a stage prop.

An Australian release date for Vox Lux has not yet been confirmed but it looks likely to hit cinemas in 2019. 

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