This Dark Theory About 'The Santa Clause' Has Us Shook

Following Tim Allen's revelation that the original script for 'The Santa Clause' was "much darker," one Redditor has discovered a massive plot hole in the film.

The comedian told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Allen said that Santa's fate was actually much more morbid. 

“I actually shot and killed Santa in the original movie,” he told Fallon, adding that the then-head of Disney made the change, saying, “We can’t start a Disney movie with you murdering Santa.”

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Meanwhile, a Redditor by the name of CaspianX2 has made a startling discovery about the family film -- that the elves are hiding a "terrible secret."

Posting to the r/movies subreddit, he posted his thoughts on the disturbing theory about the suspicious absence of Mrs Clause.

"In the second film, Tim Allen, now Santa, discovers a "Mrs. Clause" that requires him to get hitched or he'll no longer be Santa. Again, I suppose if he doesn't do this there just won't be a Santa anymore," he continued.

"So here's the realisation I had. The previous Santa must have been under the same contractual obligations, meaning that somewhere back at the North Pole, he had a wife. But... we don't see any sign of her by the time Tim Allen's character gets there. What happened to her!?" he said, adding that he had two theories on the matter.

"The way I figure, one of two things happened: Either she automatically died when her husband did, or once the elves found out her husband died, they told her to GTFO. Either way, the elves evidently chose to never speak of her again," he suggested.

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A fellow Redditor then offered his own theory, saying, "What if the Santa that died in the first film was only on his first year of being Santa? I mean, the dude slipped off a roof which is pretty amateur. Tim Allen had several years before the elves informed him of the "Mrs. Clause". He may just not have had a wife. The Santa before that guy, though...only the elves know."

Okay cool, we're just going to pretend this is the reason and Mrs Clause isn't all alone and sad after being banished into the icy depths of the North Pole!

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