The Trailer For Rihanna And Donald Glover's 'Secret Project' Has Leaked

Your two faves have been collaborating on a film in Cuba and the first glimpse is finally here.

Glover played the trailer for Guava Island at his Childish Gambino show in New Zealand over the weekend and a member of the audience had the good sense to record it for the rest of us.

And, look, while the footage is pretty grainy and shot from a hundred metres away, we don't even care.

The Guava Island sneak peek shows us that Rih and Glover's characters are dating and living in a tropical location together but have a few roadblocks in the way of enjoying the island lifestyle.

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"We live in paradise but none of us actually have the time or the means to live here,” says Glover's character.

It's also taught us that -- in character or IRL -- Rihanna will not stand for your nonsense and *will* whack you in the head with a pillow if you sass her.

Fans of the multi-talented singing/acting/writing/entrepreneurial pair have been praying every day at their Rihsus shrine for this collaboration.

And ever since a photo of Rihanna and Donald chilling in Cuba earlier this year appeared online -- fans have been trying to put together the Guava Island clues.

The film -- which doesn't have a release date yet-- has also been directed by long-time Glover-collaborator Hiro Murai. He's directed the lion's share of episodes of Atlanta and was also behind Childish Gambino's "This is America" clip.

Now that the Guava Island trailer is all over the internet, fans are begging Rih and Glover to just hurry up and release a nice, watchable HD version so we can enjoy it in all its glory.

Main Image: Getty Images.