Jennifer Lopez Goes Back To Her Roots In 'Second Act'

Maude Garrett talks to Jennifer Lopez about handpicking Milo Ventimiglia to play her boyfriend and relating to the character of Mya.

In a similar vein to Maid In Manhattan, Jennifer Lopez stars as Maya, a 40-year-old woman who is frustrated at her unfulfilling life while working in a box store -- until one day when she finds herself in the position to land her dream job in Madison Avenue, and thus reinvents her life and her life-story.

J Lo On Going From The Bronx To The Big Screen

Maude Garrett spoke to JLo for The Project, where she revealed that she personally picked '90s teen heartthrob Milo Ventimiglia to play the role of her boyfriend, Trey (we don't blame her!).

"I'd been watching 'This Is Us' and was kind of obsessed with it -- I was like 'You know who would be great in this part? Milo!' and that was it -- I wanted him for the part. He has such a great presence in the movie."

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Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lopez on location for 'Second Act'. Image: Getty

She also revealed that her character Mya mirrored her own upbringing in the Bronx, hence why she felt a special connection with the role.

"This is a super competitive business -- I understand what it is to not have all the education that everyone else has," she said, adding, "This movie hit home for me. I grew up like Mya did -- out in the burrows, no fancy education, trying to find my way into the city and my route to success."

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Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez on set. Image: Getty

She continued, "I love playing this character. It's what I imagine I would be if I stayed in the Bronx. I was ambitious and talent --  I just didn't have the right resume."

Also starring in the film is JLo's IRL BFF (and godmother to her twins Max and Emme) Leah Remini, as well as Vanessa Hudgens and Freddie Stroma.

Second Act hits Aussie cinemas November 29.

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