A Star Is Born Cinematographer Arrested For Assault

The Oscar-nominated cinematographer was arrested and charged with assaulting first responders in Poland.

Matthew Libatique, 50, was an honorary guest at the Camerimage international film festival where -- according to The Associated Press -- he was seen "staggering".

Medical officials were called to assist, which is when Libatique reportedly became aggressive, going so far as to assault the head of the medics.

One emergency official,  Krzysztof Wisniewski, told the Polish broadcaster TVN24 that a paramedic ended up with several injuries including a broken tooth.

"The patient suddenly became aggressive toward medical rescuers, used offensive words and hit the head of the emergency medical team," Wisniewski said.

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Police were then called and the intoxicated cinematographer allegedly attacked them also. He was taken to hospital to treat facial injuries and was then charged with assaulting public officials.

Libatique was nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography in 2010 for Black Swan. He's also the cinematographer behind the recently-released A Star Is Born, directed by Bradley Cooper.

In an interview this week, prior to the incident, Libatique told The Film Stage he was under the impression that a director's cut of Cooper's film was on the way.

"I think they’re actually doing a new cut, a director’s cut, and putting some stuff back in," the DP said, "I think there’s always the concern about length, but, for him, I think it was mostly the concern about, ‘When am I stepping outside the forward narrative of this love story, and when am I stepping outside the idea that you have one character ascending, another descending.’"

"I think that’s all he was doing when doing different cuts, is trying to find that soul."

Featured image: Getty/Warner Bros. Pictures.