Ian McKellen Has Gone Full Method For New Film, May Have Eaten Cat Food

Sir Ian McKellen has revealed the extraordinary lengths he's gone to while getting into character for the new 'Cats' film.

McKellen is playing the role of Gus the Theatre Cat in the newest film remake of the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and T.S Eliot poems.

The seasoned actor has taken on some iconic roles in his lifetime -- such as Gandalf in Lord of The Rings, Magneto in X-Men and Toad in Flushed Away -- but has never played a feline before.

"You might ask how do you prepare for being a cat," he prompted Graham Norton during the host's most recent show.

"How *do* you prepare for being a cat?" Norton asked, obligingly.

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"Well, at the moment I’m looking for the inner pussy," the actor explained, amid uproarious laughter from the audience.

"...the moggy-ness that’s within us all and I’m not doing very well at it," McKellen said.

He continued on to say he considered going on a "cat food diet" -- until he tried some Whiskas -- or perhaps some Fancy Feast-- for himself.

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"I’ve always thought that tinned cat food smelled as though it might be rather tasty," McKellen said.

"It isn’t," he added.

Whatever it takes to be a Jellicle cat!

The new film -- due out in 2019 --  also stars Judi Dench as Deuteronomy, Idris Elba as Macavity and Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella. James Corden and Taylor Swift will also feature in the movie, which will be directed by Tom Hooper (Les Miserables, The King's Speech). 

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