Indie Filmmakers Claim Rebel Wilson's 'Isn't It Romantic' Ripped Off Their Work

Three young filmmakers from New York state are claiming that Rebel Wilson's upcoming rom-com, 'Isn't It Romantic' has copied a short film they made two years ago.

Daniel Coye, Stephanie O'Brien and Nate Vanaskie wrote on Twitter that the movie closely mirrors the plotline and key ideas from their film, Love Handles. 

O'Brien hit out at Warner Bros. -- the studio producing Isn't It Romantic-- online and provided screenshots of both films' descriptions.

"Did you think I f***ing wouldn't notice the log lines are almost identical," O'Brien tweeted.


Isn't It Romantic won't be in cinemas until 2019 but the filmmakers have uploaded shots from the trailer -- arguing that they match "shot for shot" with scenes from their film, Love Handles. 


Rebel Wilson -- who is the star of Isn't It Romantic -- joined the debate after O'Brien tagged the actress in a tweet.


Wilson explained that Isn't It Romantic was written six years ago and filmed two years ago -- and that while it was "frustrating", the timeline doesn't match up to the accusations of plagiarism.


Filmmaker Vanaskie has responded indirectly to Wilson's comments -- claiming Isn't It Romantic did go through multiple re-writes, "which allows time for rewrites to use ours".


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It's certainly not the first time a major feature film has been accused of plagiarism.

The Shape Of Water -- the film that won Best Picture this year at the Academy Awards -- was accused of copying a Dutch film student's workThe Space Between Us. The Netherlands Film Academy reportedly dropped the charges after speaking with director Guillermo del Toro.

The film was also accused of lifting ideas from a 1969 play by Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Zindel. Zindel's son filed a lawsuit that was eventually dismissed by a federal judge in July this year.

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