Man Sues Jurassic World Over "Save The Dinos" Slogan

A man has filed a suit against 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' claiming the film used his trademarked phrase to "Save the Dinos".

According to the lawsuit obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Frederick Zaccheo of The Dinosaur Project has filed a $10 million trademark infringement with the Jurassic World sequel.

Zaccheo's organisation sells shirts with phrases like, "Save the Dinos", "This Shirt Saves Dinos" and "Certified Dino Saver", and is claiming that the filmmakers behind the Jurassic Park reboot have infringed on his copyright.

The Dinosaur Project sells dino-themed apparel and during the purchasing process, you can select between one of three charities, donating 10% of the proceeds to either help save the chimps, pandas or cetaceans (aka dolphins, whales and porpoises).

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"Much to the dismay of many people who come across us, we are not a project/business/cult of people who are trying to bring dinosaurs back from the dead," the Dinosaur Project's site explains.

"In fact, we pretty much have absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs whatsoever," the site reads. "The whole idea behind 'save the dinos' is just a sarcastic way to bring light to endangered animal conservation, and to try to help prevent other species from going extinct (like the dinosaurs- see what we did there?)."

Meanwhile, within the film, Bryce Dallas Howard's character worked for the fictional charity the Dinosaur Protection Group which used the slogan on t-shirts. All of that was contained within the film.

According to the complaint, Zaccheo was contacted by Universal and Amblin Entertainment to use the phrase -- he received $50,000 and a guarantee the slogan "Save the Dinos" would not appear on clothing or to promote charities especially in relation to endangered species and animal rights.

Before the film's release, Universal launched campaigns relating to the Dinosaur Protection Group as well as competitions to win shirts brandishing the slogan.

Merch also popped up on Hot Topic, with some using the Jurassic World logo while others simply had the fictional Dinosaur Protection Group's logo.

Man Sues Jurassic World Over Slogan "Save The Dinos"
Hot Topic's 'Jurassic World' merch featuring the Dinosaur Project's copyrighted phrase. Image: Hot Topic.

Zaccheo is suing Universal and Speilberg's Amblin Entertainment for breach of contract and trademark infringement.

Featured image: Hot Topic / Universal Pictures.