The Trailer For Leo DiCaprio's Documentary On The Jonestown Cult Is Here

Forty years after America's biggest mass-suicide, the four-part series 'Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle' is set to explore the events that lead to the deaths of over 900 people at the hands of The Peoples Temple cult.

The series -- which is co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio -- will be aired over two nights at Sundance Now, and explores the deadly cult run by Reverend Jim Jones that gained prominence in California during the 1970s.

The cult became most well-known for the deaths of 918 of its followers in a mass suicide that took place in a remote settlement in Guyana, South America, in an area the group named 'Jonestown'.

The production, which is based on the writings of investigative journalist Jeff Guinn, will reportedly feature interviews with Jones family members as well as people who were involved with the cult prior to the infamous mass suicides in Guyana in 1978.

Jim Jones. Image: Getty

It will also showcase previously unheard recordings from the FBI, as well as previously-classified documents that give insight into the bizarre society inside Jonestown.

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Here are two not-so-fun facts for all you crime aficionados out there:

  • Jonestown represented the largest number American civilian deaths (though they occurred in the South American country of Guyana) that was overtaken only by the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre.
  • The term "drink the kool-aid" comes from the fact that cult leader Jones convinced followers to kill themselves by drinking from a vat of grape-flavored drink laced with cyanide.

We told you they weren't very fun ...

Anyway, check out the creepy AF trailer for the docu-series below.

Jonestown: Terror In The Jungle is set for release in Australia in late December.