Jamie Lee Curtis Smashes Records With ‘Halloween’

Jamie Lee Curtis has made history with the newest film in the 'Halloween' franchise.

The horror movie has hit cinemas in North America and is already smashing box office records -- raking in $77.5 million USD  over the weekend, Variety reports.

Halloween now holds the record for the second most successful horror film opening of all time -- coming in just after the adaptation of Stephen King's IT last year.

But even more impressively, it's the biggest ever movie opening with a female lead over the age of 55.

Curtis celebrated on Twitter, writing a "boast post" about her achievements.

Celebrities including Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson have congratulated Curtis for the impressive tickets sales.

"You are a rockstar! Congratulations!" tweeted tennis legend Billie Jean King.

The newest Halloween film is the 11th in the franchise and the fifth time Curtis has reprised her role as babysitter Laurie Strode.

Curtis recently opened up about her biggest regret in agreeing to star in the 1998 reboot -- Halloween H20. 

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The actress said she wished that the original director John Carpenter and producer Debra Hill (who passed away in 2005) had been involved.

“Initially, I wanted it to be with John directing, Debra producing," she told Entertainment Weekly. 

"And that didn’t happen, for myriad reasons. And John didn’t write it, so then we had to hire a writer, and then Debra had something else. By the end of it, I was the only one involved with it.

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“Now, to this day, I regret that I didn’t say to everyone, If Debra Hill’s not the one producing this movie, I’m not doing it. But what ended up happening was, she wasn’t part of it, John wasn’t part of it, and I was still part of it, and it was a machine going down the road."

Halloween will hit cinemas in Australia on October 25.

Main Image: Getty Images.