A Christmas Prince Sequel Is Coming To Netflix With TWO Other Trash Holiday Movies And We Can't Wait

It was the rom-com that practically broke the internet's brain, and now the sequel to 'A Christmas Prince' is closer than you think.

Last year, Netflix added A Christmas Prince to their service just before the holidays and it was truly terrible. We mean that in the same way that a parent describes their child as a monster or unlovable, the film was garbage and we were OBSESSED.

Starring Rose McIver and Ben Lamb as Amber Moore and Prince Richard respectively, the film was your classic holiday rom-com about an aspiring young journalist who accidentally falls for the dashing prince.

Now, the sequel is coming and it's cashing in on the Royal wedding pandemonium we're all living through with the title A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

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Move over Eugenie and Jack, stay in Dubbo Meghan and Harry -- it's Amber and Richard's turn to shine!

At least... if all goes to plan. The sequel sees Amber and Richard a year on from their first film, with Amber taking notes from some of the other royal weddings that have happened in the last few months... but all that pressure begins to weigh on her and she starts to wonder if she actually WANTS to be a princess after all!

Also, Richard has like some political crisis but zzz boring, who cares.

It'll probably be completely terrible in the best way, and we absolutely can't wait. The better news is, if you're hungry for more trashy rom-coms they'll be adding TWO other holiday movies, The Holiday Calendar and The Princess Switch.

Holiday Calendar stars Kat Raham and Ron Cephas Jones and features an "antique holiday advent calendar" which apparently can predict the future. Um, wanna know your future, advent calendar? It's me, opening all the little doors on December 1 and gorging on chocolate.

The Princess Switch stars Vanessa Hudgens and Sam Palladio and is set a week before Christmas. It's your classic "princess switching places with a commoner" good time, with some classic romantic mix-ups along the way.

The Holiday Calendar arrives on November 2, The Princess Switch on November 16 and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding will walk down the aisle on November 30.

Featured image: Netflix.