A Star Is Born: Can We Talk About Ally's Ex

It's the film everyone's talking about, but what happened to that one guy?

This story will have the bare minimum of spoilers and although it would probably benefit you to have seen the current smash A Star Is Born, it's definitely not required. This is more of an investigation -- a thorough pondering, if you will -- as to the nature of Ally's ex in the film.

You see, when we first met Ally, it's supposed to be a glimpse of her at her most authentic. The film's director, Bradley Cooper, made the effort to juxtapose his character Jackson Maine's opening, boozy performance with Ally's beginnings in a large, empty bathroom.

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On the phone to an unseen character, Ally was infuriated and the conversation didn't seem to be going well, in fact, she not only broke up with the guy on the other end... she flat-out rejected his marriage proposal.

Sure, it could have been the move of a desperate Tinder date gone wrong, a last-ditch attempt to keep Ally in his life, but the mysterious man on the other end of the phone was cast aside, as we got Ally's first impromptu performance -- even if it was her screaming "Men!!!" passionately to the porcelain thrones lining the wall.

From there, it was but hours before Ally locked eyes with Jackson Maine in a dive bar, and soon she was jetting off to spontaneously perform with him. Things moved incredibly quickly for Ally and Jackson, but there was never any mention of her ex.

Somewhere, sitting on what we can only assume to be a ramen-stained futon, was Ally's ex, wondering if he should text her again or not.

Who was this man? What was his reaction when he drove down Sunset Boulevard and saw Ally's name on a giant multicoloured billboard?

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Did his heart ache every time he turned on the radio and was blasted with Ally's songs?

"Why did she do that, do that, do that, do that do that to me?" he probably cried into his bowl of dry cereal, too depressed to buy milk.

Who was this man and why did he exist? Why did Ally get proposed to over the phone while she shout-whispered in a bathroom?

Perhaps we'll never know, or maybe this is just the beginning of the Star Is Born cinematic universe.

A Star Is Born opens in cinemas across Australia October 18. You can also download or stream the entire album and you will not regret it. Sis, it slaps.

Featured image: Warner Bros. Pictures.