Bradley Cooper Opens Up About Singing With Lady Gaga

Lisa Wilkinson sat down to chat with Bradley Cooper in New York ahead of the premiere of his directorial debut, 'A Star Is Born'.

In an interview that will air on tonight’s Sunday Project, Cooper described what it was like sharing the stage with one of the world’s most iconic singers.

“I knew I was going to have to bring it out because Lady Gaga is the real deal so the rest of the movie would have to rise to her level,” he said.

A Star Is Born tells the story of troubled country music veteran Jackson (Cooper) and his chance meeting with a  younger songwriter, Ally (Lady Gaga) who has faced rejection from the music industry.

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Cooper said that he and Gaga had an instant connection when rehearsals for the film began.

"It was oddly so comfortable and I think that’s why we had a fighting chance to really pull this movie off because there was something about the energy that we had together," he told Wilkinson.

Cooper added that the pair sat in Lady Gaga's living room singing and it felt like "two friends singing together".

"And then in the back of my mind I’m going ‘Well, wait a minute. This is Lady Gaga, this is insane.’”

"I remember thinking, at the very least, if they say no to the movie at least I sang a song with Lady Gaga," said Cooper.

You can catch the full interview on The Sunday Project tonight from 6.30 pm on Ten. 

Main Image: Network Ten/The Project