‘Twilight’ Director Was Given Mini Cupcake, Then Fired

Catherine Hardwicke directed one of the highest grossing films of 2008 -- and all she got was a lousy mini cupcake.

The director has revealed that despite the runaway success of the vampire film that starred then-newcomers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart,  studio bosses didn’t really appreciate her efforts.

Following the massively successful opening weekend of the film -- Hardwicke agreed to help the Summit studio with some “online chat room stuff”.

She said that the office was filled with gifts of flowers, wine, and balloons that had been sent to the studio from distributors, according to a new interview with The Daily Beast.

“So I actually had it in my mind, wow, this is a pretty unprecedented success. I had heard these rumours that when a director does something like this they give them a car, they give them a two-picture deal or something like that.

"They give them an office and ask them what they want to do after this.” Hardwicke said.

But instead of a car or a new film project -- Hardwicke was given a miniature bakery treat.

“And then I got a mini cupcake that day. I was like oh, okay, cool -- coming in here, I’m sort of working for free, doing this online stuff, and that was what I was offered: a mini cupcake,” she said.

Hardwicke – who directed cult films Thirteen and Lords Of Dogtown -- added that she never would have been given the gig if studio bosses had an inkling of how successful Twilight would be.

“If they thought it was going to be a big blockbuster, they wouldn’t have ever even hired me, because no woman had ever been hired to do something in the blockbuster category.”

Film executives had low expectations for Twilight, calculating that it *might* be as successful as The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants.

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However, despite the unprecedented success of the first Twilight film, Hardwicke said she was labelled as “emotional” and “difficult” by the studio.

“Yet they’re praising all the male directors I’ve worked for for being passionate and visionary and sticking to their guns, fighting for what they want.

"But a woman is emotional, difficult, bitchy, whatever. I didn’t know those code words and I didn’t know they were used pervasively, and so I just took them personally.”

Deadline reported in December 2008 that Summit had "rejected" Hardwicke from taking the reins on the greenlit Twilight sequels.

Hardwicke went on to direct Red Riding Hood, Miss You Already and, Miss Bala -- a Mexican-American thriller due out early next year.

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