The Secret Step Behind Your Favorite Movie Moments

Chewie Chan is a storyboard artist and comic book artist from Sydney, Australia.

Appearing at Oz Comic Con this weekend to talk about his work -- which includes films like Happy Feet, Mad Max: Fury Road and Superman Returns -- Chewie stopped by the ten daily office to tell us, you know, exactly what his job is.

A storyboard version of a scene from 'Happy Feet'.

"I work in anything that involves visual storytelling," he said.

Explaining "for people who don't know" (ie, us), that "storyboarding is the visual script for a movie", Chewie said that his job is to map out what the film will look like.

"Basically in order to get to the final version of film, you want to have a short-form of the movie first, so that's what storyboards are," he said. "We tell the story just using pictures."

From the storyboard to the big screen.

Having worked on both live action films and animation, Chewie explained just how different the process for each was.

"With animation, you have nothing onscreen, you have to build everything, so it's very important to know what you want," he said.

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For live action, though, his job is more about building things "before they're built".

A storyboard scene from 'Superman Returns'.

"If you look at the storyboards for Superman, they're much different from the Happy Feet ones, even though they're still quite detailed," Chewie said. "But you can tell that the tunnel is a very generic tunnel, and the fire's pretty generic, because special effects can do it themselves and I don't know what they're going to capture."

Despite a general misconception that "only big budget artists have storyboard artists", Chewie said that in truth, "any film that needs a lot of thinking needs storyboards."

For more on storyboarding, as well as Chewie's work in comic books like Iron Man and The Phantom, check out the video above.

Chewie Chan will be appearing at Sydney Comic Con this weekend, September 29 - 30. Buy tickets and find out more here.