Sienna Miller Wants To Start Directing Films

The actress says she knows “what stories I want to tell”.

Actress Sienna Miller has her eye on the director’s chair, saying she’d love to get behind the camera one day.

Miller says that, at the moment, she’s optioning books to be turned into feature films.

“I have set up a company and I’m reading things, and it feels like now is the time,” she said.

“I think I have a really strong understanding of the sensibility that I like, how to get a film made and what stories I want to tell,” the American Sniper actress told Variety.

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While Miller said directing is “such an enormous commitment” and she doesn’t think she’s “there yet”-- she’s eager to take on the role “one day”.

The actress attended the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of her new film, American Woman (not to be confused with the new TV series American Woman) -- a drama that also stars Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad).

Sienna Miller and Aaron Paul. Image: Getty.

Miller commented that change is slowly being made in the quality of dramatic roles available to women – attributing some of this change to the Time’s Up movement.

“And you’ve seen in diversity in casting, there’s a massive wave of change and various things are being brought to light that have really been kept in shadows,” she said of the movement that was founded to fight sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the entertainment industry.

“Through this Time’s Up movement, which I’ve been involved in, I think women felt very kind of isolated and I’ve had experiences where I was badly treated or underpaid and I sort of suffered it as a private humiliation and it’s not something that I would have expressed,” said Miller.

“But I know now if anything happened, there’s an army of high-profile women behind me who would gather around and voice their opinions about it."

“So it’s definitely changed, because we’re more united on these issues in this industry than we ever were before.”

Main Image: Getty Images.