Filmmaker Tony Kaye To Cast A Robot As Lead In His Next Film

We have some questions.

The director of American History X, Tony Kaye has revealed plans to cast an Artificially Intelligent robot as the lead actor in his next film.

Yup, you heard that right, if you see reviews of Kaye's film 2nd Born calling the lead performer "slightly robotic" you'll probably know why. According to Deadline Kaye wants to move away from using CGI and special effects and use an actual robot to star.

Ok so that sounds cool right, like super experimental stuff. But the Deadline story starts to raise a few questions with what 2nd Born is actually about.

So it's apparently a sequel to 1st Born (makes sense) a comedy directed by Ali Atshani and starring Val Kilmer, Denise Richards, William Baldwin and Greg Grunberg. The film follows an Iranian born man and his wife who have a complicated pregnancy, bringing first-time grandfathers together despite their different backgrounds.

So what the HELL is a robot going to be doing starring in the sequel?

Will the sequel see the couple hiring a fun robot to be their nanny? Will they adopt a robot as their second child?! Why? What? Val Kilmer?

Anyway Kaye and Sam Khoze, producer of 1st Born, have said they'll train the robot in "different acting methods and techniques" and will attempt to get it SAG recognition.


Kaye's other films include Detachment and Black Water Transit.

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