Idris Elba Fuels Bond Rumours With Just Five Words

The cryptic tweet has divided the internet leaving some shaken, some stirred.

Idris Elba has shaken up the internet like a poorly made martini (they're not supposed to be shaken you guys), with a cryptic five-word tweet in response to the ongoing rumours that the actor is set to take up the role of James Bond.

Daniel Craig, who has played the role since 2005 -- and openly hated the role since 2015 -- has confirmed that the upcoming film will mark the end of his iteration of 007.

So, on the weekend Elba simply tweeted this:

While some saw it as confirmation of the actor's intent to step into role following Craig's exit, it was more than likely an epic troll.

Elba's mockery of the casting rumours comes after his name was thrown into the ring by a report in the Daily Star which claimed filmmaker Antoine Fuqua had spoken to longtime Bond producer Barbara Broccoli who said it was "time" for a non-white actor to play bond.

It was Fuqua who reportedly brought up Elba's name again, fuelling the longtime casting rumours that have lasted almost a decade.

And while many thought Elba was potentially confirming those rumours, he later tweeted a pic of Public Enemy followed by a reference to one of their It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back hits.

Elba isn't the only name that continues to get thrown into the ring, with fans of the 007 franchise asking for either the role to be played by anyone who isn't a white dude.

One actor who seems keen on taking up the title is X-Files' Gillian Anderson, who also fuelled rumours of her own in 2016 when she posted fan art of her as "Jane Bond".

Meanwhile Pierce Brosnan recently spoke out about his own dream casting saying Tom Hardy would be perfect to fill the role.

The 25th Bond film is currently set to release in November 2019 though not much is known about the project Craig will reprise his starring role with regular co-stars Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes expected to return also.

Featured image: Getty.