Oscars To Add New Award For Popular Films In Desperate Bid To Win Back Viewers

In a bid to win back viewers the Oscars have made... an unpopular decision.

Earlier this year the 90th Academy Awards continued a downward spiral in the ratings, as well as clocking in at four hours long to make it not only one of the worst rating Oscar telecasts in recent history but also one of the longest!

In response to shedding their audience and/or boring them to death, the Academy voted this week to make a few changes to the iconic award show.

Firstly, they're vowing to trim the show to a tight three hour limit, then by 2020 the show will be moved forward from February 23 to February 9 in an effort to tighten the awards season.

The show plans to tighten up the overall length by handing out awards during commercial breaks, filming and editing those moments and airing shortened clips later in the broadcast. The most likely victims of the cuts will be the more technical awards and almost CERTAINLY a few of the short film specific ones.

The third and final change has been the most controversial however: the addition of a new award. "A new category is being designed around achievement in popular film," the Academy's announcement reads.

The move to add a "most popular" award has drawn a hefty load of criticism for several reasons but the main is the implication that prior to this... the Academy wasn't awarding "popular" films?

There's an elitism coming out of the Academy when they're saying they'll kowtow to the unwashed masses by awarding their cute little blockbustery movies with a pandering award just to claw back in the ratings war against the Wine Mom of award shows the Golden Globes, or the pot brownie of award shows, the MTV TV & Movie Awards.

At the same time -- and stick with us here -- in an attempt to appeal to the masses via a pity award, it creates more of a divide between what the Academy deems worthy of being included in the Best Picture race, and the new popular category.

Many are drawing Marvel's recent Black Panther up for consideration, a film that absolutely dominated the box office and was an enormous boon for the studio. The Academy could avoid any critique of overlooking a film like Black Panther in the traditional categories and throw it a cute yearbook superlative award instead.

There was also a great deal of backlash when Tiffany Haddish wasn't nominated for her breakout role in Girls Trip, with comedic performances and films rarely given the same level of honour and decoration as their dramatic counterparts.

Similarly to comedy, action and horror flicks are often relegated to the technical categories, but with no awards for casting or stunts they're often overlooked for the larger awards.

Lets be honest, does a film like Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again deserve an Oscar for making money? Isn't money the award it gets for being popular?

And like *YOU* were the ones that gave Suicide Squad an Oscar, the Academy, not us, so can you not pretend like *WE'RE* the insane ones? Thank you so much.

Featured image: Getty / Twitter @lindaholmes.