Henry Cavill's 'Arm Reload' Is The Most Important Part Of Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission armpossible.

Are you excited for Mission Impossible: Fallout?

The film is getting rave reviews, and is being hailed as one of the best Mission Impossible films to join the franchise.

Do you know what's also getting a lot of critical praise?

Henry Cavill's "arm reload". What's an arm reload, you ask? Why this is of course:

Pay close attention to the gif above because as Cavill prepares for a men's room battle, he pumps his fist so hard he breaks through some kind of time/space barrier resulting in a thicker, darker beard as well as somehow creating a shirt pocket out of thin air.

The move has inspired fans of the film AND people who haven't even seen it alike, with its immense big time sexuality.

Even Cavill's castmates are obsessed with the move, forcing him to reenact it like some kind of jacked circus monkey with gigantic arms.

According to the film's director Christopher McQuarrie, the move was totally improvised. Like De Niro's "You talkin' to me?" or Hannibal Lecter's infamous hissing noise, Cavill's arm pump has joined the ranks as one of the greatest improvised moments of cinematic history. Probably.

"It was a moment you didn’t think about in terms of all the other things you had to get through. I don’t even think I was aware of it until we were editing the scene," McQuarrie told The Sun.

"You’ve got Tom flying helicopters and falling off of mountains and smashing through walls and crashing motorcycles and the single biggest reaction is Henry Cavill reloading his arms..."

Truthfully, Tom Cruise performed some incredible stunts in the film including a HALO jump, flying a helicopter and a rooftop jump that resulted in him breaking his ankle (they used the shot in the film!).

Telling Good Morning America that the move "just felt right at the time", Cavill added, "then I got kinda shy and didn't do it for the next take".

"[McQuarrie] came up to me and said 'What are you doing? Do the thing again,' I was like what thing? He showed me on the monitor and I was like 'Okay, cool' and we stuck with it... and it became a thing."

And then he decided to TEACH THE WHOLE STUDIO AUDIENCE HOW TO DO IT. Honestly if you've ever wanted to watch an entire studio of people awkwardly yet attentively learn how to pump their arms... this is your lucky day.

Mission Impossible: Fallout opens in cinemas August 2, so reload those arms and get to a cinema ASAP.

Featured image: Paramount Pictures / Twitter @tobyfee.