The Breaker Upperers Want Céline Dion To See Their Movie

Russell Crowe's on board.

The stars of The Breaker Upperers are on the campaign trail and we are 100% on board to make this happen.

Yep, the Céline Dion superfans weren't content with just having a Céline-a-long in the film, they want to get her in the cinema to see it.

Written, directed and starring Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek, The Breaker Upperers follows the pair as they run a side business breaking up unhappy couples.

"We have a sequence in our film where my character gets to sing her song which is probably completely influenced by the fact that I also sing that song," Madeleine told The Project hosts.

The campaign to get Céline to see the movie has also hit a stride when her close personal friend* Russell Crowe reached out.

*They apparently met in an elevator once.

It's perfect timing for the Las Vegas legend, as she'll be in Australia for a gig THIS WEEK, the same week that The Breaker Upperers hits cinemas. Coincidence? We think not.

She's currently touring as proof by this now INCREDIBLY ICONIC very candid photo of her in Bangkok she shared earlier this week which INSTANTLY became an iconic meme.

So we're 100% behind this campaign to get the meme herself, Céline into the cinema.

The Breaker Uppers is in cinemas across Australia now so make like Celine and go see it.

Featured image: MadMan Films / Getty Images.