The Iconic House From 'Scream' Is Having A Halloween Party And Where's Our Invite?

For the right price you can party with Ghostface himself!

Horror fans may want to start saving their cash money, ‘cos the house used for iconic slasher flick Scream is hosting a massive Halloween shindig that’ll put your spooky celebrations to shame.

Anthony Massi and Nate Ragon are the creators of Scream Comes Home, and for $200 die-hard fans can join the party that’s set to take place a week before Halloween in Tomales, near Santa Rosa California.

Image: Scream Comes Home

The event will guests to tour the real-life filming location for the entire day, with top-tier backers given a bus ride of the community that'll include eight locations where the Wes Craven film was shot.

Massi and Ragon revealed they dropped a whopping $22k in order to rent the five bedroom, four-bathroom pad for the party weekend, where they'll be decking out the house with a whole bunch of scary surprises. Fans will also be able to check out a bunch of iconic memorabilia from the film that’ll be showcased in the property’s barns.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE… For the right price, partygoers can even have the guy behind Ghostface's voice, Roger Jackson, call and harass you JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE!!!

With $200 buying fans a ticket to the sought-after party, overnight packages for the event have already sold out within two days, costing $1750 a pop.

So… who wants to pay for our flight?