It's Time To Launch A Leo-Level Oscar Campaign For Amy Adams

Join us in making #AmyAdams2020 happen.

The gorgeous, gracious queen of my life, Amy Adams, is a five-time Academy Award loser.

My friends, this simply CANNOT go on any longer.

I PERSONALLY cannot sit through another award season where Amy Adams is UNFAIRLY SNUBBED, pushed aside, taken for granted, overlooked, and ignored again!!!!!!!

Inspired by Tom Gleeson's #Denyer4Gold Logies campaign, and Leo DiCaprio's meme-fuelled internet push that finally got him over the line in 2016 when he won Best Actor for The Revenant, I'm here today to declare that it is TIME FOR AMY ADAMS TO WIN AN ACADEMY AWARD.

Upon reading the news that Amy's next film  -- The Woman in the Window -- is getting an awards season release date, I knew it was time to hit the campaign trail.

The film, which is based on the best-selling novel by AJ Finn, is about an agoraphobic child psychiatrist named Anna Fox, who witnesses a crime at a neighbour’s home through a window. Rear Window who? Byeeeeee, Disturbia!!!!

With the release date currently set for October 4, 2019 in the States, it's time for us to mobilise the Oscar campaign for Amy, a queen too humble and pure to show the same level of thirst as Leo, who was also a five-time Oscar loser before his big win in 2016.

Now, with the release date not until next year, we've got plenty of time between now and then to make this happen, so WHO'S WITH ME??!

We need MEMES, POSTERS, BAKE SALES. Basically, we need to go full Tracey Flick on this bitch and make "Academy Award Winner Amy Adams" a reality.

Do the right thing, and vote #AmyAdams2020.

Feature image: Getty Images