What You Probably Missed In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Now you see (him), now you don't.

It’s arguably one of the greatest action film scenes of all time -- that desert chase in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'

Steven Spielberg’s mastery, and a stellar visual effects team, is at work as we watch Harrison Ford -- aka Indiana Jones -- being dragged off the back of a mine cart in a wild truck chase as he battles a band of Nazis.

But did we miss something? Or someone? Let’s rewind back to that last sequence.

As has been spotted by one Reddit user, there is speculation that fellow actor Ronald Lacey -- who plays Gestapo agent Arnold Toht -- was at one point absent from filming.

And it appears nothing but a hat hung in his place.

Blink and you’ll miss it -- he’s back seconds later.

Some film buffs were a little shocked, but thought "Spielberg knew he could get away with it.”

Others said they’ve known all along …

In the spirit of this spectacular movie mistake, we decided to put together another few of our favourite moments that you might have missed!

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

We know that the entire tale of Dorothy's adventure through Oz can be pinned down to her iconic ruby slippers, but in one particular scene in the film, Dorothy (played by the late, great Judy Garland) is actually seen wearing black shoes as Scarecrow falls after being pelted with apples from a tree!

Braveheart (1995)

It's hard to imagine there being anything more wrong with Braveheart than Mel Gibson's questionable Scottish accent, except that in the huge battle scene when a white van -- presumably a crew vehicle -- is pictured in the background of horses galloping... Check the left side of that grassy area...

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

It really hurts our hearts to say that there were any mistakes in this film because, by all accounts, it's the best 90's movie ever. A strong female lead, Heath Ledger singing in the stands and a prom that made us wish we went to an American high school... however, there were a few flubs in the movie and they weren't little either.

In the beyond adorbs scene where Kat and Patrick are playing paintball, they go from slightly stained to soaking in paint in the space of one shot change...

And who can forget the moment Kat decides to reverse her car into Joey's ride? Well, if you look closely on the right, in the background window reflection, you can see Joey in his car, waiting for the cue to drive into the shot! Maybe he should've just parked where he was...