"Sequel much?" Mindy Kaling And Anne Hathaway Celebrate Box Office Success Of Oceans 8

Let us know when we can book our tickets!

Is an Ocean's 8 sequel already in the works?

Perhaps not officially, but with the all-gal reboot of the Ocean's franchise hitting the USD$100 million mark in North America over the weekend, it seems star Mindy Kaling is hoping so!

“Whoa!!! Congrats #Oceans8! $100 million!?! #SequelMuch,” Mindy wrote sharing the news on Instagram and Twitter.

Co-star Anne Hathaway also celebrated the news on Instagram, toasting the camera in a flashback snap from the set, captioning the image with a breezy “Oh hey $100,000,000… #oceans8”.

No, we're not sure if co-stars Rihanna and Sarah Paulson are having an intense karaoke moment or a heated argument in the background there, either.

Anyway, after snagging another $36.3 million internationally over the weekend, Variety reports the flick has now raked in an ice cold $230 million globally. We'd say that counts as a shining success, and this will be us as soon as they announce the sequel we're all keen for.

Featured image: Warner Bros. Pictures