Chris Pine Is Back For Wonder Woman 2 Despite... You Know...?

Didn't he explode???

We knowww superhero movies haaaate actually killing characters off. In fact before Avengers: Infinity War there had only really been a small handful of major characters that were killed FOR REAL in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The DC universe has been the same, with Superman dying for five minutes at the end of Batman v Superman only to come back with a CGI top lip in Justice League.

So it shouldn't come as such a shock that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins shared a photo of Chris Pine on the set of the sequel Wonder Woman 1984... despite his character exploding at the end of the first movie.

Because that seems like quite the obstacle to overcome...

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, also shared a first-look pic on her Twitter where Diana Prince is copying all of our weekend plans aka watching 12 tv shows at the same time.

Now, if you're trying to figure out how Steve Trevor can be alive in 1984, AND the same age as he was when he exploded back in World War I, but there are a fewww theories floating around.

The first is inspired by the Wonder Woman TV series, which similarly had a time jump between the first and second season. The 1977 series' first season was set during WWII, with season two leaping forward to the '70s.

Lyle Waggoner played Steve Trevor in season one, and then after the time jump he picked up the role of Steve Jr. There's a big theory that Wonder Woman 1984 will follow similarly - though in this case Pine would probably be playing his own grandson due to the bigger time jump.

Obviously, due to it being a comic book film, there is also the possibility that when Steve exploded at the end of the first film he was sent forward in time, or to space where he met aliens, or he was frozen in ice Captain America-style. Maybe he's just a figment of Diana's imagination... that would explain the bumbag.

Taking advantage of the onslaught of new info around the highly-anticipated sequel, Vulture reporter Kyle Buchanan revealed some info he had around the film's big bad, Cheetah -- to be played by Kristen Wiig.

Like Steve Trevor across the years of comics, Cheetah has seen several iterations but recent versions follow Buchanan's theory that Cheetah (as Barbara Ann Minerva) and Diana are close friends. Her friendship with Diana inspires her to become more and more obsessed before she is turned into the Cheetah.

We've still got aaaaages before Wonder Woman 1984 hits cinemas in November 2019, so we're sure we'll hear way more in the coming months.

Featured image: Twitter @PattyJenks / Warner Bros. Pictures