A Guy Saw Infinity War Over 40 Times So Marvel Are Taking Him To Avengers 4

That's almost once for every character in the film.

If you love a film it's totally normal that you'd see it more than once, right? For instance say the person writing this story has hypothetically seen Under The Tuscan Sun about 11 times over the course of several years. That's totally normal and healthy.

Well now a Marvel mega-fan has taken the repeat watch to the next level, watching Avengers: Infinity War 44 TIMES. FORTY. FOUR. TIMES.

Tony "Nem" Mitchell is a YouTuber and apparently a collector of some incredible comic book t-shirts and he began chronicling his journey to see the film innocently on Twitter.

The thread began after Nem had already seen Infinity War five times, casually announcing his sixth:

Nem continued to add to the thread with his seventh and eighth days in attendance before people began questioning if he was just taking photos outside the cinema.

Skipping ahead, Nem continued to track his viewing habits, occasionally announcing he had seen something else (Deadpool 2, so still in the Marvel family) before deciding to go for a record of views.

After picked up the story, Nem became a trending topic and a Twitter moment, so -- how else to celebrate -- he went and saw the film for a 43rd time.

As more and more sites began picking up the story two very important people also heard of the incredibly dedicated fan.

Posting outside -- yep, you guessed it -- a cinema, Nem announced that IMAX had offered him 50 free tickets to continue his marathon streak. That's not all, he had also heard from the directors of Infinity War, the Russo brothers.

"The last 12 hours have been a whirlwind of amazingness," he said in the video posted to Twitter.

"The Russo brothers themselves, the directors of the film, followed me on Twitter and told me up in the DMs that I have a free ticket to the Avengers 4 premiere next year."

Infinity War famously ends on a major cliffhanger and with the currently untitled Avengers 4 not releasing until May 2019, Nem has a lot of time to keep his streak going.

And it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon.

What a hero.

Featured image: Twitter @NemRaps / Marvel.