Tom Cruise Is The First Actor To Perform His Latest Insane Mission Impossible Stunt

It's a long way from dangling from some wires.

Remember when the most iconic scene from Mission: Impossible featured Tom Cruise dangling from the ceiling from some wires?

Ever since then Cruise has pushed the limit of what makes an action star by amping up the stunts in each film. Sure, he did some edgy rock climbing in Mission: Impossible 2, since then they've continued to up the ante.

Since then he's scaled the Burj Khalifa, he's hung from the side of a plane and in the latest film Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Cruise leaps across a building (resulting in a very real broken ankle) and gets into a helicopter battle with Henry Cavill.

But that's not all, in a new featurette Cruise reveals his next great leap of faith, taking the name of the film quite literally as he falls out of a plane performing a HALO jump.

HALO, or "high altitude - low opening" jump is a technique where a jumper will free-fall from a high altitude and open their parachute at the last possible moment, aka a "low opening".

Cruise is the first actor to ever perform the stunt which ... look it probably isn't that shocking ... It's not like Meryl Streep was launching herself into the Greek islands during Mamma Mia! with a last-minute parachute opening.

But it  was intense enough that they needed to build a particular helmet for Tom to wear that would not only function as a prop but also keep him alive, Oh, and they also had to build one of the world's largest wind tunnels to rehearse it.

It's an incredible dedication to creating these major stunt moments, something that Cruise continues to be all about. And all that for just about five seconds of footage.

Can't wait for the next film when Tom has to outdo himself once again and probably fight a live shark, in space while riding a rocket that's headed into the sun. Also the shark knows how to use guns. Just a suggestion.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout HALO jumps into cinemas August 2.

Featured image: Paramount Pictures.