Idris Elba To Direct And Star In Modern-Day Hunchback Of Notre Dame Remake

More like the hunchback of Notre daaaaaamn.

It's starting to become apparent that there are now only four kinds of movies: good superhero films, bad superhero films, films without superheroes in it that will inevitably be compared to the good superhero films and, finally, films that Disney already did perfectly.

Good news if you love that last category because Idris Elba is set to not only star in but also direct and produce a version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame for Netflix.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the Golden Globe winner would also be producing original music for the film which has been described as "a sonic and musical experience"... whatever that means.

Elba is no stranger to music production, having been a DJ for a few years, using the name "Big Driis" or sometimes just "Driis". He's released several EPs, has rapped on a few tracks, produced club mixes from the Jungle Book film he starred in and even reportedly got behind the DJ booth at the royal wedding.

Idris Elba Netflix Hunchback of Notre Dame
Idris Elba DJing at the after-party for his film 'Yardie'. Image: Getty images.

It may be a lot to take in but honestly, trust us, that Easy Tiger remix he made for Jungle Book absolutely slaps.

While Hunchback may evoke images of the 1996 Disney film, with all-singing and dancing gargoyles, it was originally a novel by Victor Hugo published in 1831.

Elba will be playing the titular role of Quasimodo, the hunchback and bell-ringer of Notre-Dame Cathedral who falls in love with a woman named Esmeralda.

Elba's version, written by Michael Mitnick, will apparently be a "modern-day retelling" so we're imagining a bulk of the film follows Quasimodo as he catfishes Esmeralda by utilising the key hunchback-hiding Instagram angles.

This will be the second directing stint for Elba, following his feature debut with the crime-drama Yardie.

Elba can currently be seen in Avengers: Infinity War, one of those "good superhero films" we mentioned.

Featured image: Walt Disney Pictures / Getty images.