When Quarantine And TL;DR Collide -- Introducing Our New Iso 'Recap' QuaranTL;DR

We're all stuck in isolation without The Bachelor franchise.

So your favourite TL;DR team, Mat Whitehead and Nick Wray, are getting you through quarantine by recapping episodes from the 10 Play library instead!

QuaranTL;DR drops every Wednesday at 8pm on 10 daily, our Facebook page, and YouTube channel.


Ep 1: Aerobics Oz Style

QuaranTL;DR- Episode 1 - Aerobics Oz Style

Ep 2: The Bold & The Beautiful

QuaranTL;DR- Episode 2 - Bold and The Beautiful

Ep 3: Jamie Oliver's Keep Cooking And Carry On

QuaranTL;DR- Episode 3 - Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On