30 Things You Didn't Know About Angela Bishop After Her 30 Years At Network 10

With her age-defying grace, it might be hard to believe that Angela Bishop has spent 30 years working anywhere, but this week, the entertainment editor is celebrating three decades of work at Network 10.

Here's what you probably didn't know about the best in the biz.


Entertainment Wasn't Always Bishop's Beat

Before establishing herself as a mainstay on red carpets across the world, Ang studied political science at the University of New South Wales.

Beginning her career aged 21, Ang was a news journalist covering stories including the murder of Dearne Nonnemacher in Orange, New Years Eve celebrations in 1990, the Mt Kosciuszko Brumby cull and the announcement of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Angela Bishop in 1989 on her first day at Network 10. Photo: Angela Bishop

She Is The Proud Mum Of 11-Year-Old Daughter Amelia

Ang is a loving mum to her little mini-me daughter Amelia who inherited her mum's beautiful curls and huge smile.

Angela with her daughter Amelia and husband Pete in 2016. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

Ang was married to her beloved husband Peter for 12 years before he passed away in late 2017 after a horrible battle with an extremely rare form of cancer.


The Secret To Not Fangirling Over Celebs

You could name the top three celebs you'd most like to meet and the chances are, Ang has interviewed them and even has a photo.

Her secret to not getting flustered when meeting the most famous people in the world? Research.

"The first thing that helps me is being prepared for the interview. Researching the bejeezus out of them," she told 10 daily.

"Even when I've only got short chats, or even if there's only the chance I'll see them, say on an Oscars red carpet where you're never quite sure who's going to come.

"I think that's professional and the correct thing to in terms of paying courtesy to the person who's agreed to give me their time to be interviewed.

"When you look at it from that respect, that takes any of that nervousness away because basically we're two professionals doing a job and that puts you on more equal footing and you're less intimidated." 


There Are Exceptions To The 'Cool, Calm and Collected' Celeb Encounters

While she's remained unfazed interviewing some of the world's biggest stars like Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, and Cher, there are a few encounters that have rendered Ang star struck.

"On the couple of occasions that I've been sitting down to interview a person who literally was on a poster on my wall growing up, it took everything in my power not to sit there and go 'Blahhhh'," she told 10 daily.

"Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin comes to mind. To be in the same room, and breathing that same air was just... if my teenage self had seen that she would've just gone cray cray."

Clint Eastwood is another Hollywood juggernaut that Ang counts as causing her heart to flutter as she waited to interview him.

"It took me years to get him!"

We told you. Ang has spoken to EVERYONE. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

"My watch tells my heart rate and I looked at it and it was peaking."


She Once Made Harrison Ford Laugh

(That is really hard to do.)

In an interview with Harrison Ford that has been viewed more than 6 million times around the world, Angela Bishop told the Star Wars actor that Donald Trump was a fan of "the way he [Ford] stood up for America in Air Force One". 

To which Ford replied: "It was a movie."

Looking directly down the barrel, speaking directly to the now-president, he said, "Donald, it was a movie. It's not like this in real life... but how would you know?"


The Toughest Day Of Her Career Was Covering Michael Hutchence's Suicide

On Saturday, November 22, 1997, Bishop was working in the newsroom when a tip-off came through that INXS frontman and founder Michael Hutchence had been found dead in his Sydney hotel room.

"This was a person who I'd interviewed a number of times, I'd had lunch with him two days earlier at a small gathering for journos, I was looking forward to an interview with him on the Monday and a couple of other things where I was going to see him," said Bishop.

Michael Hutchence of INXS, studio portrait, London, 1990. Photo: Getty Images

"It was so shocking, it was so devastating."

Bishop recalled that the news made her emotional as she was called on to speak to international media about the story.

"As well as preparing a story for Ten, I was called upon to do crosses to the BBC and CNN internationally," Ang said.

"It was a case of having to be professional and tell the story, but honestly, I was going into the live-eye truck afterwards and breaking down in tears in between [interviews] because it was just such an emotional day and such a devastatingly sad story.

"We'd lost such an amazing talent, who was a new dad. You kept thinking about his little girl and the devastation of his family."

"That was definitely the hardest day I've ever had at work."


Sorry Harry Potter, Ang Just Isn't That Into You

"I've never seen one, Amelia hates it, I've tried -- because I thought 'if she's into it, I'll get into it'," she confessed.

"And then you get to the stage where there are eight films, a 48-hour play playing in Melbourne and it's too late to pick it up. It's like if you miss Breaking Bad season 1 or The Sopranos, whatever it is, you've got to pick your thing and get in first and I missed Harry!"


Top Travel Tip

If anyone is going to know how to handle long haul travel, it's Angela Bishop.

"When you get to the destination, especially if you've got to work -- which I usually have to -- is stay awake until the evening!"

Simple, yet effective.


She Predicted The Trump Presidency

During her degree studying political science at the University of New South Wales, Ang wrote a paper on how in the decades to come, the US would elect a 'celebrity president'. We're hoping she got an HD on that assignment.


The Fellow Network 10 Colleagues She's Most Likely To Party With At The Logies

  1. Sarah Harris - "not to be missed at any stage of the Logies process, she's very fun."
  2. Kerri-Anne Kennerley - "Kerri-Anne at the Logies is fantastic"
  3. Carrie Bickmore - "She tears it up on the dancefloor! She is the dancing queen."

The Celeb That Most Surprised Her

Kim Kardashian.

Ang interviewed Kim K almost immediately after her 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries broke down. The interview had been scheduled for weeks but she expected a) the interview to be cancelled, or b) to be told she could talk about anything else but the separation.

Neither of those things happened.

"I sat down and I knew I hadn't been forbidden from asking any questions about it, but I thought I could very well be shut down for asking and I was just so surprised by the fact that she was open and honest, she had an answer, and she didn't shy away from it," Ang said.

"Kim answered the question, Khloe spoke to the question and we were able to do a legitimate interview on a day where something legitimately happened - it was newsworthy in their lives and I just appreciated that."

"I don't know why I thought that they wouldn't be like that and you know, my bad! They were terrific."

Ang said that Kim's openness surprised her. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

"I'm so impressed by that family. I think what they've achieved is remarkable. They're a bunch of very astute businesswomen."

"They're incredible in the way they use the media the way it is today and work it to this massive advantage. I think it's admirable."


She Counts Some Childhood Icons As Close Friends Now

In 2015, Ang travelled to Salzburg with some of the original cast of The Sound of Music to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic movie's release.

Angela with (L-R) Debbie Turner (Marta), Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich), Heather Menzies-Urich (Louisa) and Duane Chase (Kurt). Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

"To now call the von Trapp children friends, I find astounding," she told 10 daily.

"If you'd told five-year-old Angela when she played Gretl with the Mosman musical society that one day, she'd be in Salzburg twirling around on that mountain with Friedrich and the gang and in the glasshouse, I just would've died! It's so amazing."


Somebody Grab A Checkered Flag For This Die-Hard Petrol Head

Ang is just as comfortable trackside at motorsport as she is on a Hollywood red carpet and it's a love that's been with her since she was young.

"I had two uncles growing up who raced motorcars and one of them still holds the lap record for Bathurst pre-alteration to the track. So I used to go to motor racing when I was a kid, I used to go to Oran Park and Bathurst and Amaroo," she told 10 daily.

"Then I started riding motorbikes myself, I've been lucky enough to drive in the celebrity race at the V8 Supercars as they were and at the Indy in Queensland, so I just feel the need for speed and love the smell of petrol in the morning!"

"When I met Pete that was just a shared interest that we had and to be able to go to the Grand Prix here at Ten and sometimes be involved a bit in the coverage.

"I got to commentate on one of the support races a couple of years ago which was just my dream coming true because I have a lot of knowledge and Ayrton Senna was my racing hero back in the day, so that's where that all came from."

Amelia's first ever bike ride with her dad Pete. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

Since her husband's passing, Ang has created Baikie's Ride for Rare Cancersan inaugural ride to raise money for Rare Cancers Australia and pay tribute to Pete.


She's Shared The Movie Screen With Friend Nicole Kidman

Way back in 1983, a very young Ang starred alongside a fellow curly-haired Sydney-sider named Nicole in a movie called BMX Bandits.

You could spot those curls from a mile away!


"I was the third extra on the left at the Water Works! Nicole Kidman was the star!"

Here are the two of the back in the day and more recently!

Somehow neither of them have aged a day. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

Eating Chicken Is A Big No-No

There was a bad experience with undercooked chicken once and now, Ang won't touch it.


If She Could Only Wear Flats or Heels For The Rest Of Her Life... She'd Wear Heels

"That's not even a question."

"I wear flats when I have to, for safety, for OH&S"

"But for the rest of my life? Preferrably Christian Louboutin, even if I have to take out another mortgage."


Long-Time Ambassador For A Great Cause

Over the years, Ang has lent her support to the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation and is still a proud ambassador for them.

On a media call with Jack Nicholson some years ago, Ang took along a Signature Bear which she'd ask A-Listers to sign that would then be auctioned off for fundraising purposes.

Jack Nicholson signing the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation Signature Bear Photo: Supplied

Ang asked Nicholson to sign it and he looked at her and said, "Breasts Angela. Great cause!"


All Her Earrings Are Clip-On

Ang has always been a fan of big statement earrings over the years, and all of them have been clip-on.


Bronwyn Bishop's Daughter

Ang is indeed the daughter of the former Speaker of the House and the longest-serving woman in the Australian parliament.

Ang with her husband Pete and mum Bronwyn. Photo: Getty Images

She also has a sister named Sally.


She's Co-Starred In A Multiple Emmy-Award Winning Show

When the long-running CBS soap The Bold and The Beautiful came to Australia to film, Ang made her debut in the show as Australian wedding planner "JJ".

Ang dusted off JJ's costume again when she visited Stage 31 at CBS Television City in LA when B&B is filmed to do a second cameo on the show.


Run-In With A Rolling Stone

Trying to recover from jetlag before her infamously awkward interview with Faye Dunaway, Ang thought she'd get to the gym to try and keep herself awake, she hopped on an exercise bike and was pedalling away for five minutes before she realised that Mick Jagger -- lead singer of the Rolling Stones -- was sitting on the bike next to hers.


She's A Virgo


Sting Once Escorted Her Into A Movie Premiere Party

Honestly, these stories just keep getting more and more mind-blowing.

In 1998, Ang was attending the premiere of Ever After: A Cinderella Story starring Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott. A ball was thrown in celebration at a palace in Florence, Italy, and none other than Sting escorted Ang into the party.

Now, thankfully Ang gave 10 daily some background here:

"A few nights earlier, in Sydney, I found myself at the Sebel Townhouse in Sydney at a wrap party for Sting's tour."

Ang with Sting at the Sebel Townhouse in Sydney... As you do. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

"Sting was playing the piano and a bunch of us were around the piano singing along and Kiefer Sutherland whipped out his trombone* and it was a good night."

"Randomly, a few days later I found myself at this premiere and Sting walked up and I said 'this is truly weird, a few nights ago we were at the Sebel Townhouse in Sydney' and he said 'well I've got a house down the road, I heard there was a party on' and I told him it was this big party for Ever After, and so we ended up walking in to the party together."

*10 daily can confirm: it was definitely a musical instrument.


Shouting Ang A Drink At The Bar?

Champagne, never beer.


She Left Ryan Gosling Speechless

In a 2017 interview with Ryan Gosling, Ang asked the actor and singer if his band Dead Man's Bones was still making music.

Ang told Gosling she thought it was a good name for a band, and then told the La La Land actor her own band's name:

Hard And Fast From Behind

Gosling said he couldn't answer any more questions after that.


...She's In The Network 10 Band

It's called 'Hard and Fast From Behind'

That's all.


She's A Bird Whisperer

Ang often posts photos on her Instagram of her balcony visitors that drop by to check out her brilliant view!


Her Favourite Foundation

As someone who spends a lot of time in front of a camera, you can be pretty sure that Ang would know what the best makeup products are to last hours and stay put under Hollywood lights.

Her holy grail foundation is the Dior Diorskin Sculpt which has unfortunately been discontinued.


She's Been On A LOT Of Red Carpets

4,289* to be exact.

Ang on the red carpet of the 2018 Golden Globes. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

*We're not sure if that's exact, but it sounds right.


She Gets The Best View Of All The Action At Awards Shows

As well as (wo)manning the red carpet at all the Hollywood events you'd like to go to, Ang even gets backstage and into the after parties to rub shoulders with the world's biggest names... and steal borrow awards for a quick pic!

This was the 2018 HBO Golden Globes After Party with Mariah Carey:

This photo belongs in a gallery. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

With an Emmy Award before the 2015 ceremony:

Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

She even got a photo of the two accountants who handed Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty the Best Picture winner envelope at the 2017 Academy Awards...

Big smiling faces just a few hours before they caused the biggest blunder in Oscars history. Photo: Angela Bishop/Instagram

The winner is La La Land Moonlight Angela Bishop.