Ken Jeong's Five Greatest Scene-Stealing Moments

Not too many licensed physicians could make a second career out of being a comic, but Ken Jeong has become one of Hollywood's best-loved funny guys.


The New Birth Plan

After years of pulling double duty as a medical practitioner and comedian, the Detroit-born son of South Korean immigrants' big break came in the 2007 film Knocked Up, where he played, what else?  A doctor.

Despite a number of comedic heavyweights starring in the film, Jeong stole the show as a decidedly bonkers surgeon named Doctor Kuni.


King Argotron

Jeong had audiences in stitches the following year with another minor role as King Argotron in Role Models, alongside Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd.

The father-of-two played a petty tyrant hell-bent on winning a 'live-action role-playing' (LARP) tournament against his nerdy teenage competitor.


Too-Da-Loo Motherf*****s

Straight after Role Models, Jeong was awarded his most iconic role to date and the inspiration behind countless memes: The Hangover's Leslie Chow.

The camp gangster with the maniacal laugh, incessant fat jokes and signature farewell ("Too-da-loo, motherf*****s!") instantly became a fan favourite.

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Then there was the unforgettable scene where Chow jumped out of a car boot -- naked -- with his crotch firmly planted in Bradley Cooper's awaiting face.

Jeong, who came up with the idea to be naked, told GQ he talked it over with his wife Tran prior to filming. Her response? "It will be the feel-good movie of the summer because every guy will go home feeling good about themselves."


He's A Spanish GENIUS

His first television series, Community, followed, where Jeong played uptight but lovable Spanish teacher (who can't speak Spanish), Señor Chang.

Jeong told Variety he was "devastated" when the comedy cult favourite was finally cancelled in 2015, after six seasons on NBC and then Yahoo.


"Asian Ellen"

Though his namesake show Dr. Ken was cancelled after two seasons in 2017, Jeong's comedic genius was back on screen in last year's Crazy Rich Asians.

In the film, Jeong improvised much of his scenes as Goh Wye Mun, the flamboyant father of Goh Peik Lin (played by fellow breakout star, Awkwafina).

As the patriarch of a newly wealthy family in Singapore, Jeong kept viewers laughing with his Nouveau riche wardrobe and zany one-liners.

Earlier this year, Jeong returned to his comedy roots with his first Netflix stand up, You Complete Me, Ho.

In the special, Jeong jokes about going from doctor to comedian, life with his wife Tran Ho and their children -- and becoming a "crazy rich Asian" in real life. “I live in Los Angeles: the rich part!” cracks the comedian, who is rumoured to be worth close to $20 million.