Keith Urban Reveals Nicole Kidman Broke Her Ankle In Isolation

The country music star performed one of the first public performances since the coronavirus shutdowns, and a broken ankle wasn't going to stop his biggest supporter from cheering him on in the crowd.

Performing a 'drive-in conert' in Tennessee this weekend, Keith Urban paid tribute to all those who have been working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While he may be the first musician to perform outside of his home in weeks, and while he was rocking on a flat-bed truck, fans couldn't help but be distracted by his wife's unusual fashion accessory: a moon boot.



Keith Urban Performs Surprise Gig On Instagram, Nicole Kidman Provides Backup Dancing

After he was forced to cancel his performance at the Houston Rodeo due to coronavirus fears, Keith Urban took matters into his own hands.

Chatting to Entertainment Tonight about the gig, Keith revealed Nicole has had quite the iso-injury.

"She broke her ankle but she is a trooper," he said, "because there she was last night, out there amongst all the folks hobbling around on her boot with her mask on."

Though the photo leaked online, Nicole posted her own version that cropped out her legs.



Nicole Kidman Posted The Sweetest Throwback Of Her And BFF Naomi Watts

With the world having a lot more time on our hands to look back at the good ol' days of being able to get all close with our BFFs, many have been posting throwbacks on social media.

The pair have been entertaining fans ever since they began isolating, with Keith routinely performing live-streams through social media, while Nicole danced on the sidelines calling herself "an at home roadie".

We can only hope this isn't a dancing-related injury and that Nicole heals up quickly!

Featured image: via Twitter / Instagram.