People Are Sharing Their Most Mundane Celebrity Encounters And They're Incredible In The Most Dull Way

Forget glamourous encounters with A-list stars -- the internet is sharing their most banal stories of celebrity sightings and they're just what we need right now.

Twitter user @MavenofHonor put the call out on social media, asking followers to share their "most mundane celebrity encounters" starting the thread off with their own 2002 sighting of Diane Keaton in the Gap, where she was presumably shopping for turtleneck sweaters.

Twitter users enthusiastically began sharing their own mundane encounters with celebs, including someone who says they saw former British PM Tony Blair's wife at a Melbourne restaurant.

For something even more mundane, how about bumping into LMFAO's Redfoo at a urology department party at a hotel.

Or this pleasant encounter with Ted Danson in Boston.

But while some people definitely cheated and began bragging about hanging out with huge celebs in what sounded like very cool circumstances -- things got more interesting when actual celebrities jumped into the thread to share their own tales.

Abbi Jacobson, for example, shared her precious memory of serving the late actor Rip Torn a hot beverage over a decade ago.

Director Ava Duvernay (who shared a killer Little Richard story earlier this week) described spotting Glenn Close in a humble sandwich shop.

There were also some great fact-checking moments, including one from Busy Phillips who confirmed this hilarious package delivery encounter 100 percent happened.

These gorgeously boring, not at all glamourous celeb encounters are the anecdotes we didn't realise we needed right now.

Main Image: Getty/Twitter.