The Morning Tea: Seinfeld Stars Pay Tribute To Jerry Stiller, 'Double Rainbow Guy' Dies At 57 & More

Here's whats happening in the world of entertainment this Tuesday.

Following his death at the age of 93, Jerry Stiller's former Seinfeld cast mates have paid tribute to the veteran actor, who played Frank Costanza on the iconic comedy.

The actor's son, Ben Stiller, confirmed early Monday morning that his father had "passed away from natural causes" aged 92.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine on Seinfeld paid tribute to the late star over Twitter, speaking of his ability to make people laugh, while including a blooper clip featuring her and Stiller on Seinfeld.

Jason Alexander, who played Stiller's on-screen son George, wrote on Twitter: "He was perhaps the kindest man I ever had the honor to work beside. He made me laugh when I was a child and every day I was with him. A great actor, a great man, a lovely friend ... Yeah. I adored this man."

Jerry Seinfeld posted two tributes, one showing him holding Stiller and Meara's 1967 comedy album "The Last Two People in the World," and the second simply saying "Jerry Stiller's comedy will live forever."



Comedian, Seinfeld Actor Jerry Stiller Dead At 92

Comedy legend and Seinfeld star Jerry Stiller has died at age 92.

YouTube sensation Paul "Bear" Vasquez-- known best as "Double  Rainbow guy" has died aged 57.

Vasquez's love of nature endeared millions in 2010 when he filmed a double rainbow across the skies of Yosemite National Park while getting emotional over its beauty.

"Oh my god, it's a full-on double rainbow all the way across the sky!" he whispers in the video, which now has 47 million views and counting.

Image: Youtube/Yosemitebear

He soon became a minor celebrity, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in ads for Microsoft and Smartwater, and even in an in-flight safety video for Delta Air Lines.

"I'm the world's authority on rainbows," he told CNN in 2015.

His cause of death has not been released, however, Vasquez had recently posted to Facebook he had gone to get tested for COVID-19 but learned of another unspecified ailment.

Elon Musk and Grimes have shared a sweet video of their newborn son after welcoming him into the world on May 4.

The bub, named X Æ A-12, looked peaceful in the clip that was posted to Instagram, which showed the bub asleep curled up tight on Elon's chest.

Image: Instagram

It comes after the Space X and Tesla CEO did an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he revealed how to pronounce the unique moniker.

"Well, first of all, it was my partner [Grimes] who actually mostly came up with the name. She's great at names," Musk said on May 7.

"So, it's just X, the letter x, and then the Æ is pronounced Ash."

"My contribution was A-12," he said, explaining its reference to the Archangel 12, the "precursor to SR-71, the coolest plane ever".

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The Morning Tea: Soul Singer Betty Wright Dies At 66, Elon Musk And Grimes Can't Agree On How To Pronounce Baby's Name & More

Here's what's happening in the world of entertainment this Monday.

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic has launched a wacky fashion range -- which sold out in minutes upon its release.

The range included tracksuit pants, t-shirts and hoodies and even a tiger-themed face mask and reportedly sold out within hours.

The labels even feature the phrase "Revenge… Love Thy Backstabber and $UCCESS", a clear nod to Exotic's nemesis Carole Baskin.

The project is a six-month partnership with clothing brand Odaingerous, with owner Odain Watson revealing that over 7,000 items have sold so far, with more items coming.

Image: Instagram

“So many of the qualities in this collection aligned with the things Joe experienced on and off the show, Odaingerous shows the good, bad & the ugly side of ‘Tiger King’ in this bold collection,” the website states.

Meanwhile, in other Tiger King news, the creators of Netflix hit docuseries are reportedly working on a project which focuses on the 2003 mauling attack that ended the Siegfried & Roy show.

The original 'Tiger King' Roy Horn died on May 8 at the age of 75 from complications related to COVID-19.



Siegfried & Roy Star Roy Horn Dies From Coronavirus At 75

Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn, whose partnership with Siegfried Fischbacher formed the animal training and magic duo Siegfried & Roy, died of COVID-19 complications on Saturday in Las Vegas.

Hey Hey It's Saturday star John Blackman has undergone more reconstructive surgery on his face as a result of his ongoing battle against skin cancer.

The 72-year-old star updated fans on his latest medical procedure, sharing a Twitter photo of himself at Linacre Private Hospital in Victoria, while giving a shout out to his surgeon, Frank Bruscino-Raiola.

"My journey towards becoming George Clooney's stunt double for all his love scenes (or the part of Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz) continued today at Linacre Private Hospital. Huge thanks to all the wonderful staff and my plastic surgeon Doctor Frank!" Blackman captioned the photo.

It's the latest in several surgeries as the funnyman continues to battle basal cell carcinoma, after going under the knife in 2018 to repair his jaw, which had been replaced with a leg bone in 2018 to stop the cancer from spreading to his brain.

"A million thanks for your messages of support. Also to the angels at The Alfred -- the best hospital in the world, my plastic surgeon, Frank Bruscino-Raiola & my dentist, Ian Hewson!" he tweeted on March 2, alongside a photo of his new chin.

"I can now finally see a glimmer of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel! Love, Blackers x."

Image: YouTube/Twitter