Julie Goodwin Has Extended Her Mortgage To Help Her Employees Receive JobKeeper Payments

Cook, author and business owner Julie Goodwin has decided to extend her mortgage to make sure her employees will be able to receive the government's JobKeeper payments.

The Season 1 MasterChef winner had to close the doors of Julie's Place, her cooking school and events space in Gosford, in March as restrictions in place to curb the spread of coronavirus tightened.

Speaking to Smart Company, Julie explained that she assumed her two full-time and four casually employed staff members would be able to begin receiving JobKeeper payments in the interim.

However, Goodwin told the publication that she was "flabbergasted" when she realised small business owners would have to fork out the money for wages themselves in April, before the government provided the emergency cash in May.

“I didn’t want to do the wrong thing by anyone,” Goodwin told Smart Company.

Goodwin did her homework and then extended her home loan to cover $15,000 in wages -- but said she wouldn't have been able to stretch her finances any further if she was in charge of a larger workforce.

The beloved cook spoke to Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project last month about prioritising her mental health and mentioned closing her business which she said has been "a devastating time for everyone".

She added that she's trying to look on the bright side of closing her business, viewing it as a moment to slow down, rest, take stock and heal.

Main Image: Network 10.