Met Gala 2020: Fans Recreate Favourite Celeb Outfits For #MetGalaChallenge

Vogue teamed with “Pose” actor Billy Porter to create the #MetGalaChallenge in celebration of what would have been the annual star-studded event.

Had the Met Gala not been forced to postpone due to coronavirus, stars would have been frocking up for 2020's theme “About Time: Fashion and Duration", with previous years seeing iconic 'fits from the likes of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto.

And while we won't have the joy of excitedly awaiting RiRi's arrival, or scratch our heads as to why Jayden Smith brought his own chopped-off hair as an accessory, we'll still be able to check out some wildly creative outfits -- but this year, it's the fans upping the style stakes.

Vogue and Billy Porter took to Instagram to invite fashionistas across the globe to participate in the #MetGalaChallenge by recreating their favourite Met Gala looks.

Check out some of these insanely creative Met Gala recreation looks by fans below.



Anna Wintour On The Met Gala Being Postponed Due To Coronavirus

The first Monday in May is regarded in the fashion world as one of the most important dates of the year, but this year, it will be just another Monday.

Kim Kardashian

Using tinfoil, rhinestones and packing tape, Kate has absolutely nailed Kim Kardashian's infamous 2019 wet-look Thierry Mugler dress that had been cinched at the waist with a corset.

Met Gala 2019


This Is How Kim Kardashian Achieved That Itty Bitty Waist At The Met Gala

The reality star went to extreme lengths to emphasise her famous curves.


Fashionista Sanja looks to have been busy creating an array of iconic looks from Met Gala events over the years, and we're loving her newspaper-adorned homage to Rihanna's famous papal-inspired outfit from 2018.

Jennifer Lopez

Arts and crafts queen! Sanja slays this recreation of JLo's Balmain dress from the 2018 Met Gala. What a talent!

Katy Perry

Natasha Vinnikova told The Post that she created the look by standing under a light fixture at home "make it appear as though it was a headpiece." Brilliant!


Eugene Lee Lang created a gorgeous replica of Zendaya's Cinderella-style, light-up ball gown designed by Tommy Hilfiger, complete with clear heeled sandals for a glass slipper.

Lady Gaga

We have to say, this is a pretty spot-on recreation of Lady Gaga's famous hot pink ensemble. It looks like she even recruited her own dad to hold up the umbrella -- dedication!

Ariana Grande

So that's where all the toilet paper in Woolies went!


Costume designer Karlo Jacobs, who goes by “Plastique Pussey,” did NOT come to play when it came to embodying Beyoncé in her bejewelled Givenchy “naked dress” from 2015.

“I figured if I am gonna do the Met (even from my living room), I’m going Queen Bey all the way,” Jacobs told The Post. "The dress took two weeks and 15 pounds of crystals and gems to craft."

Celine Dion 

Celine Dion fan Maxence Garneau showed their love for fashion icon by making an impressive recreation of the singer's fringed Oscar de la Renta look from last year's Met Gala.

Image: Instagram