The Sunday Telegraph Apologises To Daniel Johns Over Brothel Claims

The Sunday Telegraph has printed a retraction of a story published last year that alleged musician Daniel Johns was a patron of a 'notorious' Sydney brothel.

A photograph of the Silverchair frontman was featured on the paper's front page in August, 2019 alongside claims that Johns was leaving The Kastle -- a BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, sadomasochism) dungeon in Sydney's inner city.

In a message on Facebook the following month, Johns said the article was "simply untrue" and that he would be commencing defamation proceedings against the News Corp masthead via the Supreme Court of Victoria.

"The article stated that I am there so frequently that it has become my second home," Johns wrote on Facebook, "spending up to 18 hours a day there for the previous two weeks. Additionally, it was stated that staff and patrons were 'fed up' with me, and I was full of venom and anger.

"The article was simply untrue."

Image: Facebook.

The Kastle's owner -- Miss Scarlett -- tweeted on the evening that the original article was published that "Daniel Johns was not on the premises nor has been previously".

"We're unsure of the source of this false information. In our 30 year history, we've never revealed the identity of clients and take privacy very seriously".

Today, nine months after the article was published, The Sunday Telegraph has printed a retraction and an apology to Johns.

"The story was wrong. Mr Johns was not leaving the brothel and The Sunday Telegraph accepts he has never been there at any other time," the statement reads.

"Mr Johns was in the area because he had been visiting a friend who lived in the vicinity of The Kastle."

The statement added that the paper wished "to extend a genuine and public apology to Mr Johns and his family for the error and the harm caused".

A writ filed to the Supreme Court of Victoria said that Johns had been depicted as a "sexual pervert" by the Telegraph and that the article had impacted his career and earnings.

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