Pink Opens Up About Her And Son's ‘Terrifying’ COVID-19 Battle

Pink has given an emotional interview to Ellen DeGeneres, detailing her experience in being diagnosed with COVID-19 alongside her three-year-old son, Jameson.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of The Ellen Show, the "What About Us" singer spoke to the host via video chat.

"We're doing alright. We're doing OK this week," she said . "I don't even know what day it is but this is a better week than the last previous ones have been for our little household."



Naomi Watts' Isolation Meltdown Is A Huge Mood

Much like us commoners, celebrities are also beginning to crack while in self-isolation -- just ask Naomi Watts.

The 40-year-old said that Jameson was the first to come down with symptoms of the virus, explaining that he fell ill nearly a month ago, having a fever, stomach pains, diarrhoea, chest pains, a sore throat and headaches.

"It was just all over the place," she said. "Every day was some new symptom and then his fever stayed, it didn't go, and then it started going up and up and up and at one point he was at 103 [39.4C]."

"It was terrifying," she said, adding that Jameson has now gone two days without a fever.

The singer's husband, Cary Hart, and their daughter, Willow, 8, did not suffer from the virus.

“Then I got sick," Pink continued. "In hindsight, it all makes sense, but when it’s happening, it’s such a weird experience that you just don’t put together until after the fact or until days go by.”

“I never had what they tell you to look for,” she added.



Pink Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Donates One Million To Emergency Services

The pop star tested positive to COVID-19 two weeks ago but on Saturday revealed she was now in the clear, imploring the U.S government to "make testing more widely accessible".

She also spoke out on the issue of obtaining COVID-19 tests within the US, saying people have every right to be bothered by the fact that she was able to obtain a test.

“I would say two things to that,” she said. “I would say you should be angry that I can get a test and you can’t. But being angry at me is not going to help anything, it’s not going to solve the issue of the fact that you can’t get your hands on a test. You should be angry about that. And we should work together to try and change that."

Image: The Ellen Show / Youtube