'Every Day Is Different': Friday Singer Rebecca Black Comes Out As Queer

Rebecca Black opened up about her sexuality in a raw new interview, revealing she identifies as queer.

Speaking on the podcast Dating Straight, Black told co-hosts Jack Dodge and Amy Ordman that she had recently been through a breakup with a woman, which lead to her coming out as queer to fans.

"I made a conscious decision to not, like, 'come out,'" she  said. "People started asking and I stopped not responding. I'm still in the process, it feels like."

"It's like the f--king quarantine, everything is different. It's something that, over the past few years, I've obviously been having a lot of conversations with myself," Black continued.



'I Planned To Die With The Secret': Lil Nas X Opens Up On Coming Out As Gay

In a new interview, Lil Nas X (real name Montero Lamar Hill) has opened up about his sexuality, saying he didn’t plan on ever coming out as a young gay black man.

"I think to me, the word queer feels really nice. I have dated a lot of different types of people, and I just don't really know what the future holds, and some days I feel a little bit more on the gay side than others."

She has previously spoken out about sexuality, saying her viral fame following her 2011 song "Friday" -- and the subsequent trolling she was subjected to -- made her a more empathetic person.

"It definitely gave me a certain amount of empathy that I don't know if I would have had without that song," she told Insider.



'Friday' Singer Rebecca Black Opens Up About Mental Toll Of Viral Fame On Song's Anniversary

Rebecca Black was just 13 years old when her song 'Friday' was released in 2011.

"The one thing I'll never take for granted is the amount of kids, people in the LGBT community, and anybody who has really felt like they were out of place or there was something wrong with them, how we've been able to find each other and help each other through it."

Earlier this year, Black was asked whether she is part of the LGBTQ community in a YouTube video, where she alluded to her own sexuality.

"One of the things that I love so much about the LGBTQ community is that they embrace inclusiveness. I definitely see sexuality as being on a spectrum," she said.

"You can definitely be on one end of the spectrum or the other. With there being a spectrum, there is this huge middle ground. I definitely see myself as being on that spectrum."

Image: YouTube