Julia Louis Dreyfus Blesses Fans With Hilarious Coronavirus PSA

Julia Louis Dreyfus participated in a public service announcement for the state of California where she showed off her makeup skills (or lack thereof).

Advocating for fans to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic in order to "flatten the curve," the Veep star joked that she would usually have a "glam squad" to get her camera-ready, but since they were staying home, she had taken matters into her own hands.

"You know, normally, when I do a PSA like this, I have a hair and makeup team -- a glam team, a professional glam team -- who come and help me with my look. But today, they're staying home," explained the Seinfeld actress in a video shared by the Office of the Governor of California.

"They're staying safe."

She continued, "And that's what I would like you to do. Please stay home. Please stay safe, and help us flatten the curve. And if you do happen to go out please maintain six feet of physical distance."

Despite the (purposely) tragic makeup look, the Governor's office still told the star, "You've never looked better."

The video comes following another comedic PSA for Californians from Seinfeld creator Larry David, in which he addressed "the idiots out there" to not pass up the "once in a lifetime opportunity to stay at home and sit on the couch and watch TV."



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Louis Dreyfus isn't the only celeb struggling without their glam team -- Martha Stewart recently posted a bare-faced snap to Instagram, where she spoke of not having her hairdresser, manicurist, and makeup artist on hand during the epidemic.

She later echoed Louis Dreyfus' sentiment in another post, saying: “Staying home and following CDC guidelines is one VERY ESSENTIAL way to help our neighbors and community.”



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Even actor Kevin Bacon has gotten involved in speaking out to slow the spread of COVID-19, creating a spin on the concept of "six degrees of separation."

"So if you're home too like me, post a video or photo with a sign like mine, telling who you are staying home for and ask 6 friends to do the same," he said.

"Post it with the hashtag #IStayHomeFor so I can see and share. Let's spread the word! The more folks involved, the merrier - because we're all connected by various degrees (Trust me, I know!)"

Image: Twitter