‘She Made Me Proud’: Eminem Praises Daughter Hailie Jade In Rare Interview

In a rare interview, Eminem has spoken about his relationship with 24-year-old daughter, Hailie Mathers.

He's known for keeping his family out of the spotlight, but Eminem recently opened up about his daughter and nieces in a raw interview with Mike Tyson.

Speaking on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin' podcast, the “Way I Am” rapper revealed that he couldn’t be more proud of his daughter Hailie, even boasting she received an impressive 4.9 GPA while studying Psychology at Michigan State University.



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“No babies, she has a boyfriend, but she’s doing good,” the rapper, 47, told Tyson during the interview. “She’s made me proud for sure. She’s graduated from college.”

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, also spoke lovingly about his two nieces -- Alaina and Whitney -- both of whom he is the primary caretaker for.

”I have a niece that I have helped raise, too, that’s pretty much like a daughter to me, and she is 26,” he told the former boxer, adding, “I have a younger one that’s 17 now.”

“So when I think about my accomplishments, that’s probably the thing I’m the most proud of is being able to raise kids.”

He added that the key to raising well-behaved kids in Hollywood was keeping them humble.

“It’s important to keep your kids grounded when they’re in a situation like I have, it’s very important,” he explained. “People also think too that money just buys happiness, (but) that absolutely is not the truth.

"You’ve got to be right inside, otherwise none of this shit means nothing.”

Eminem shares Hailie Jade with ex-wife Kim Scott, 45, while Alaina’s biological mother is Dawn Scott, twin sister of Kim, which makes her Hailie's cousin by birth. Meanwhile, Whitney is Kim's daughter from another relationship with Missouri tattoo artist Eric Hatter.

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