Nova’s Wippa Said A Nurse Almost Didn’t Let Him Into Birthing Suite As Wife Went Into Labour

Michael “Wippa” Wipfli and wife Lisa recently welcomed their third child -- but he was almost banned from witnessing the special event.

Speaking on Wednesday’s Fitzy And Wippa show, he said that upon trying to enter the birthing suite, a nurse was hesitant to let him join his pregnant wife, after it had been made known that Wippa had been in contact with TV host Richard Wilkins, who has tested positive for COVID-19.

“We’re about to wheel her into the surgery where all the doctors are waiting, and then this Irish nurse says, 'Stop everything! There’s a note here (that says) I’ve got to ask this question: You’ve been in touch with Richard Wilkins. Who is Richard Wilkins and why is he important?'" he recalled.



Richard Wilkins Tests Positive For Coronavirus For Third Time Despite Showing No Symptoms

Richard Wilkins has given an update on his ongoing coronavirus diagnosis.

While his family -- including he and Lisa’s sons Theordore, 4, and Jack, 3, have remained in self-isolation prior to welcoming their latest family member, it was revealed last week that Wippa had tested negative for COVID-19, after the entire team underwent testing as a precaution since Wilkins had appeared on Fitzy & Wippa prior to being tested for coronavirus.

Wippa also recalled speaking to a doctor in the hospital, and unintentionally revealing the news that the Olympics had been postponed.

“One guy was talking about how he’d booked his flight for the Olympics. He hadn’t got the news yet that the Olympics had been postponed,” he explained.  



Angela Bishop In Self-Isolation After Coming In Contact With Richard Wilkins

After Richard Wilkins tested positive for the coronavirus, Network 10's Entertainment Editor Angela Bishop has begun self-isolating while she waits to be tested.

“I said, ‘Oh, I think they’ve cancelled it mate.’ He was holding forceps, he’s got tools in his hands… he stopped and went, ‘what do you mean? You’re breaking the news to me now?’”

After announcing the birth of his baby girl on his show on Wednesday, Wippa later revealed on Instagram that he and his wife had decided on a name -- Francesca.

“Your team consists of a beautiful loving mum who has carried you for 9 months, 2 completely out of control bear cubs at home and a Dad who occasionally gets it right. But you’ll fit in just perfectly,” he wrote.

“We couldn’t be more in love. @lisawipfli you are amazing.”

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