Rita Wilson And Other Celebs Are Going Stir Crazy In Isolation

Celebrities have scuttled indoors as a result of the worldwide coronavirus epidemic and are unravelling before our very eyes.

Luckily for us, we have social media to document their slow descent into madness and make us feel slightly better as we adjust to isolation ourselves.

The latest in the hilarious trend of chaotic celebrity content comes in the form of Rita Wilson, who, along with husband Tom Hanks, has kept us informed on their recovery -- as well as their love of Vegemite -- through snaps and videos across social media.



Tom Hanks Gives Update On His Health And More Importantly His Vegemite Spreading

Tom Hanks has been making headlines as one of the most high-profile cases to test positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Her latest post, which showcased her fire skills as she rapped to Naughty by Nature's classic 'Hip Hop Hooray', makes us think that the singer might be going a just little stir crazy -- but hey, aren't we all.

Here are a couple of other stars that have also seemingly lost the plot since quarantining themselves.



Chris Hemsworth Gives Free Home Workouts So You Can Train Like Thor

Chris Hemsworth has announced his home fitness app will now be available for free to help you stay fit amid the coronavirus crisis.

Sam Neill

Actor Sam Neill, best-known for his role as Dr Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park franchise, has been keeping fans entertained with his wholesome content as he self-isolates. like showcasing his freshly-washed shoe collection and telling us how good they smell, playing the ukelele, and discussing wine.

Ellen DeGeneres

Whether it's FaceTiming Chrissy Teigen and John Legend or building a Lego Architecture of the Guggenheim Museum, the talk show host looks like she's having a wild -- albeit a bit stir-crazy -- time at home.

Ashley Tisdale

Bringing a flood of nostalgia to her fans, Ashley Tisdale blessed followers by throwing it all the way back High School Musical with an all--new rendition on TikTok.

Reese Witherspoon

Sometimes it's good to get some fresh air -- so long as you're at a safe distance from someone else, like Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern -- though Reese did admit the photo was taken a few days prior to people being told to stay home.

Liam Gallagher

He's never shied away from odd behaviour, but now the Oasis singer is putting it to good use. Jumping on the trend of finding songs to sings for the recommended 20 seconds of washing your hands, the muso took it one step further, adapting his group's biggest hits into quarantine-friendly songs like Champange Soapernova, Soapersonic and Wanderwash.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He'll back back... inside. Yep, Arnie is choosing to spend his time at home by basically turning his house into a petting zoo.

"See that's what we do, we don't go out, we don't go to restaurants, we don't do anything like that anymore here," he told fans. "We just eat with Whisky and with Lulu, we have a good time." Whisky is his pet mini pony and Lulu is his donkey, by the way.

January Jones

Mad Men star January Jones is another star that's been wilding out when it comes to isolation content. Some of her best moments include drinking a beer through a straw while wearing a sci-fi looking LED face mask, and a boredom-induced self-care video where she poured  baking soda into her bathtub to create a "human stew".

Image; Instagram