Dr Chris Brown Rushed To Emergency Room After Gardening Mishap

Australians are staying at home in a bid to keep the country safe from coronavirus but for Dr Chris Brown, even that managed to land him in the ER.

Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 96.9 on Monday morning, Dr Chris revealed that it was, in fact, a pruning mishap that had him heading to the hospital.

“The only problem is, when you’re in this self-isolation period you tend to take on little challenges around the house that you probably shouldn’t," he told the hosts.



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"I mean yesterday, I was gardening and did a bit of pruning and didn’t realise I was pruning a highly toxic plant and broke off at the stem and put sap into my eye," he continued.

"Sap from a toxic cactus ulcerated my cornea and I ended up in ER last night with an ulcerated eye.”

And despite his stints in the jungle as the host of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, Dr Chris admitted he won't be taking on any toxic plant pruning again anytime soon.

“Stay in your lane, whatever you’re good at, just stick with that. Don’t try to diversify into other areas!” he warned, adding, "The backyard is the most dangerous place on the planet let me tell you."



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Fitzy added, "This is taking Browneye to a whole new level!” as Wippa quipped, “Headline reads: Browneye infected!”

Image: Getty Images.